Friday, June 1, 2012

Ebay False Eye Lashes ♡

Hello Darlings today I'm here to review ebay eyelashes, yes ebay false eyes lashes.I'm really loving them no they are not 100% human hair what sucks about it, But what the hell for 1.00 for  10 pairs hahah don't really care if their fake. I got 7 boxes for $6... each of  the boxes carry 10 pairs which is awesome. The number I always get them in is JJM116 you could choose other ones but these are my fave, They look fake but not to fake where they are extremely shiny you know what I'm mean jelly bean. I Really recommend them check them out girls and shipping is pretty fast when you search type THICK NATURAL SOFT LONG FALSE just make sure you get them for a good offer ;D hope you like this talk to you later.
xo Claudette

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